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Welcome to SAVE UGANDA’S WILDLIFE INITIATIVE (SUWI) – a Ugandan-based wildlife and community tourism organization. It was formed by citizens of Uganda to help end the illegal wildlife trade in Uganda’s National Parks by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns and advocating for comprehensive wildlife protection in all parts of the country.

The organization also helps rural communities in and around Uganda’s National Parks to develop their skills and abilities so as to protect natural resources in a manner that maximizes benefits while preserving ecological integrity. Emphasizing the critical importance of community-led initiatives, the organization will in addition to advocacy, train locals and provide information geared at strengthening local institutions for wildlife conservation.



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The Elephant Effect

Herd of Elephants roaming savanna grasslands of Queen Elizabeth National Park; Uganda
Herd of Elephants roaming savanna grasslands of Queen Elizabeth National Park; Uganda

By: Bobby Saunders and PatrickTusiime
Date: 03rd  August 2016

To some people when pondering about elephants, the first thing that comes to their mind is the circus and zoo for that is where they have seen them. The notion that there are big herds of wild elephants roaming in their natural habitat in big plain grass and forest lands in Africa, India, Thailand, the Philippines, and other Asian countries seems not to cross their minds. They never seem to ask themselves now that these are pet animals in the zoo what could be their source of origin? It is only when they have investigated much further, heard stories, watched movies and films or read books about elephants’ natural traits, characters and behaviors that they begin to fall madly in love with them.

While taking wildlife adventure safari in Africa you will learn that herds of Elephants are always under a supreme matriarch quite often the most senior, strong and influential female. She controls all activities of the herd; feeding area, direction of movement, settles disputes among members, time and duration of rest, watering places and times, assigns responsibilities and minds about day to day lifestyle of all herd members.  Elephants have a longer life expectancy than human beings in most countries; above 80 years to be precise. >>Read More