Core Values


Save Ugandas Wildlife Initiative is committed to conduct its research, reporting and advocacy with a promise of operating with respect, integrity, honesty and without prejudice and favoritism.  The acceptance we have enjoyed throughout the various sectors of Ugandan society is a result of these core values that Save Ugandas Wildlife Initiative are not willing to compromise.  We are proud of our steadfastness and conviction to maintaining these core values and our commitment to insisting that all our interns and volunteers comply as well.

Respect is holistic at Save Ugandas Wildlife Initiative.  It is the foundation that everything we do depends on.  We have great respect for the Wildlife that we are protecting, as well as the environment that is their habitat.  We have respect for the local communities and for the various cultures and traditions that we encounter and depend upon for support.  We have respect for our government and the laws that are protecting Uganda’s wildlife and their environment.  We have respect for the public that we are serving and reporting to.  We have respect for our own people that are working tirelessly to make a positive difference in our world, and finally, we have respect for ourselves.

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness. Save Ugandas Wildlife is committed to the highest standards of honest and transparency.  It is a basic requirement that in everything we do, we are straightforward, transparent and not misleading.  We do not make statements about issues and/or activities that we have not first investigated and verified as being fact. We are accountable to our mission, our partners, our donors, the public and of course to ourselves.

Save Ugandas Wildlife Initiative proudly operates without bias, favoritism and prejudice.  We work diligently at not reporting biased viewpoints and we operate without political affinity to any organization or affiliation. It is one of our basic principles to conduct all of our activities in a fair and democratic manner.  The opinions stated on this website and elsewhere is the collective opinion of Save Ugandas Wildlife and not a biased or prejudiced point of view of any one individual.

All of these core values are most important to Save Ugandas Wildlife Initiative and our commitment to upholding these basic principles gives us the strength to conquer the main issue at hand….Saving Uganda’s Wildlife.  The diversity of input that we require in our work maintains the involvement of all interested parties; all ethnic groups and cultures are invited to participate in our work and every contribution and viewpoint is considered important.  Through this intensity we know that every voice will be heard and treated equally.  This collaborative effort is essential to the success and integrity of everything that we do.  At Save Ugandas Wildlife we encourage diversity and the creative spirit, meeting challenges head on, not losing focus on our prime objective of taking care of this unreplaceable resource that we have been given to protect and preserve.